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Professional Materials

In the realm of Professional Materials, our production process accelerates at a remarkable pace—60 times faster than that of Atelier Materials!


Derived from our Atelier Portfolio, Professional Materials undergo meticulous selection and refinement to meet the demands of mass production. These products, featuring annual feedstocks such as hazelnut shells, egg shells, and pistachio shells, are exceptionally well-suited for large-scale manufacturing due to their high capacities.

Professional sustainable biomaterials upcycled from eggshelss that can be used as countertops, backsplash, cabinet, bathroom tile etc.

Category: Core

Replacement: Engineered Stone and Ceramics

Usage areas: Furniture, Wall, Ceiling and Floor Panels

Thickness: 5mm

Main Ingredient : Egg Shells (85%)

Circular acoustic biomaterials that are suitable for serial production and the replacement of soft wood. Professional Ottan Materials are suitable for cladding, furniture, wall panels, bathroom, kitchen etc. Material upcycled from nut shells

Category: Acoustic-Wood

Replacement: Soft Wood

Usage areas: Furniture and Acoustic Wall Panels

Thickness: 15mm

Main Ingredient: Hazelnut Shells and Pistachio Shells (85%)

Sustainable stone-like building material upcycled from nutsells, pistachio shells, peanut shells... Ottan materials can be used for ceiling cladding or flooring. Sustainable material that is a replacement for raw natural stone.

Category: Stone

Replacement: Raw Natural Stone

Usage areas: Furniture, Wall, Floor and Ceiling Cladding

Thickness: 10mm

Main Ingredient: Pistachio Shells (90%)

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