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  • What is the waste percentage for Ottan Materials?
    The waste percentage for Ottan Materials varies based on the specific materials, with rates typically falling between 55-95%.
  • What color options are available for Ottan Materials?
    We don't use artificial colorants in Ottan Materials. Instead, we celebrate the natural colors and textures found in the green waste we use. Ottan Materials reflect organic hues and tones, offering a blend of earthy and natural shades that evoke sustainability and ecological integrity
  • Do Ottan materials retain any odor from the waste they contain?
    Ottan Materials eliminate waste odors with advanced technology, providing a fresh and odor-free experience.
  • Are they suitable for outdoor conditions?
    "Whilst we do have materials that are designed to be waterproof and UV resistant, we cannot currently recommend their use for exterior applications.”
  • Can you tell me about the lifecycle of Ottan Materials and if they are solvent-free?
    Ottan Materials truly embody sustainability as they are both repairable and recyclable. With the ability to be cut, drilled, and sanded, they can be treated like wood and revitalized with oiling or varnishing even after years of use. Additionally, they can be recycled into new Ottan Materials within our own premises. While they have the potential to biodegrade in optimal conditions, we continue our studies to make sure of it in practice. And yes, Ottan Materials are solvent-free, ensuring a toxin-free production process.
  • What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your products?
    To ensure the safe delivery of our products and prevent any potential damage during shipping, we have set a minimum order quantity of 10 panels.
  • Are Ottan Materials fire-resistant?
    Ottan Materials are indeed fire-resistant, with the exception of our light-transmitting products.
  • How do I get a sample set?
    Getting an Ottan Material sample set is easy. Visit our "SHOP" page and order the set you want.
  • Are there any authorized resellers of Ottan Materials in my region?
    Currently, we are the sole supplier of Ottan Materials. However, we welcome inquiries and offer opportunities to become a reseller of Ottan Materials. If you wish to learn more about becoming a reseller, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What color options are offered for Ottan Materials?
    At Ottan Materials, we opt to honor the natural beauty of the environment by avoiding the use of colorants in our production process. Our focus is to preserve the genuine appearance of nature's colors and textures. Thus, our materials embody the unique shades and hues of the green waste from which they are crafted.
  • What are the options for purchasing Ottan materials?
    We sell Ottan materials in a convenient and versatile way. Our standard panel size is 60x60 cm, but we also create custom sizes up to 3 meters long or unique molds to meet specific project needs. We're flexible to accommodate diverse requirements.
  • Besides waste, what other materials are included in Ottan Materials?
    At Ottan Materials, we use only the highest-quality, ecologically produced 53% plant-based products as binders.
  • What materials are used to create Ottan products?
    Ottan products are made from up-cycled food and agricultural waste, including materials such as eggshells, hazelnut shells, pistachio shells, sawn grass, fallen plant leaves, expired rice, and fruit peels, amongst others.
  • Where can Ottan Materials be used?
    At Ottan, we have a wide selection of materials designed for different areas of interior design. Water-resistant materials like Eggy, Moon, and Sandy are great for bathroom or kitchen backsplashes, while light-transmitting materials such as Milky and White Chocolate are perfect for incorporating lighting. Our Acoustic-Wood Line materials like Green Grass and Autumn are great for sound absorption, and our Stone Line material Biscuits provides a natural velvet touch for walls.
  • How long can I expect Ottan Materials to last?
    Ottan Materials are designed to be exceptionally durable and long-lasting, surpassing the performance of traditional materials they replace. When handled with care and maintained properly, they can endure for numerous years.
  • Are there any considerations or specific applications for Ottan Materials?
    Ottan Materials showcase unique characteristics derived from the raw materials they are upcycled from, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. We can help you find the ideal material to match your project's requirements. Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated to your satisfaction, from material selection to implementation. Contact us with any inquiries or for guidance throughout the process

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