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Atelier Materials

In 2020, we launched 24 handmade materials across three different categories: Core Line, Acoustic Line, and Stone Line. While their classification is based on surface touch, usage areas, and technical performance, each material within a line boasts unique mechanical and visual properties derived from its primary ingredients.


Handcrafted with precision, these materials are well-suited for small to mid-scale productions. As we ventured into scaling up production, we positioned them as boutique, high-quality, project-centric offerings, christening them Ottan Atelier Materials.


Utilizing their core formulations, these materials can seamlessly transition into large-scale factory productions, akin to a continuous factory line. For in-depth information about these materials, please refer to the "Professional Materials" section

Core Line

Welcome to Ottan Portfolio, where sustainability meets innovation. Our primary product line comprises two main categories: Translucent and Opaque materials. These cutting-edge materials are crafted from a diverse array of green waste sources, including eggshells, expired rice, pistachio shells, walnut shells, and more.


At Ottan, we're committed to upcycling these organic materials, transforming them into high-quality products with a purpose. Our innovative processes ensure that between 50% to 84% of our materials are repurposed, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.


Join us on our journey as we redefine environmental responsibility while delivering top-notch solutions to meet your needs. Explore the possibilities with Ottan Portfolio…

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Chocolate Cookie (RBOL)




White Chocolate (RPL)


Core Line Seasonal

Introducing our distinguished line of products, sharing remarkable properties akin to our Core line. However, the scalability of raw material sourcing differs, offering a unique perspective. Unlike our Core line, our products within this category are presented as seasonal materials, allowing for potential color variations between batches.


Crafted from an array of green waste including sawn grass, fallen leaves, expired lentils in various colors, and more, these materials exemplify our commitment to sustainability. With a range of 50% to 72% upcycled content, they embody both eco-consciousness and innovation.


Embrace the essence of nature with our seasonal offerings, where sustainability and creativity converge. Explore the possibilities with our distinctive line…

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2. Başlık

Wood Line

Explore our innovative acoustic materials specially designed for acoustic wall panel applications. Engineered to perfection, these lightweight products offer a natural surface touch, providing both functionality and aesthetics.


Crafted from a diverse array of green waste including malt husk, sawn grass, hazelnut shells, and more, these materials exemplify our commitment to sustainability. With up to 75% of upcycled content, we redefine eco-friendly solutions in acoustic design.


Experience the harmony of sustainability and performance with our acoustic materials. Elevate your spaces with both functionality and environmental consciousness. Discover the possibilities with our acoustic solutions…

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Stone Line

Introducing our Stone Line materials, robust and textured for wall covering applications, offering a natural surface reminiscent of stone. Crafted to embody durability and authenticity, these materials redefine interior aesthetics.


Derived from a diverse range of green waste sources including expired rice, pistachio shells, and more, our Stone Line materials reflect our unwavering commitment to sustainability. With up to 85% upcycled content, we pave the way for eco-conscious design solutions.


Elevate your spaces with the rugged elegance of our Stone Line materials. Experience the fusion of nature-inspired textures and eco-friendly innovation. Discover a new dimension of design with our Stone Line collection…

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