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Since our materials are from natural wastes, the number of materials in this set show seasonal changes. Please specify with your order if there is a material you are particularly interested in.


This set gives you the opportunity to discover characteristics of our materials:


A / 1- Salt (Expired Rice) 2- Pink Granite (Expired Kidney Beans) 3- Pure Black (Coffee Pulp) 4- Autumn (Fallen Leaves) 5- Handsome (Coffee Pulps and Fallen Leaves)


B / 1- Crunchy Chocolate (Pistachio Shells) 2- Biscuits (Pistachio Shells) 3- Green Valleys (Sawn Grass) 4- Tasty Brick (Carrot Pulp) 5- Earth (Fallen Leaves)


C / 1- Fragmented Sea Shells (Expired Rice and Pistachio Shells) 2- Milky (Expired Rice) 3- Blackberry Mermalede (Beet Pulp) 4- Orange Juice (Orange Peels) 5- Green Grass (Sawn Grass)


D / 1- Chocolate Cookie (Expired Rice and Burnt Orange Peels) 2- Puding With Orange Peels (Expired Rice and Orange Peels) 3- Tomato Jam (Expired Red Lentil) 4- Sea Weed (Expired Green Lentil) 5- Village House (Malt Husk)


Ottan Materials Sample Set

    • Shipping Worldwide. 
    • Processing time: Allow max.12-15 business days processing time for your order to ship. (Shipments on Thursdays)
    • For more information, click here.
    • Clean gently with a wet cloth.

    • Handwashing with warm water is recommended for long-lasting use. 

    • Avoid exposing to direct sunlight for a long time.

    • A minimum amount of color change can be seen over time.

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