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Our latest version of Moon is crafted using a small percentage of recycled plastics, combined primarily with upcycled eggshells and pistachio shells.


These elegant panels will elevate your projects with their unique story and the visual appeal of a white-cream base interspersed with light brown pistachio shell particles.


Whether your space embodies contemporary chic or classic elegance, Ottan Materials seamlessly adapt, enhancing the aesthetic with their natural allure.




- Furniture

- Bathroom & Kitchen Surfaces (wall, cupboard, etc.) 

- Separator / Divider

- Interior Wall Cladding / Decorative Panels


Size Options(mm):


- 600x600x5 - available online

- 600x600x12 

- 800x1000x5 

- 800x1000x12 

- 620x3000x20* 


* Worktop-specific material featuring a specialized protective layer)


Please contact us for details on specific quantities and sizes.


Finishes: Mat


Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Panels (1 Pack)


You can buy fewer with an additional fee for special packaging and shipping. If so, please e-mail us. 


By ordering MOON Panel (1 Pack) you will receive:

5 pcs 600x600x5mm Moon Panel

MOON Panel (1 Pack)

  • Delivery can occur within 3 weeks, depending on the order and destination
    Prices exclude the transportation costs.
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