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Our latest version of Eggy is crafted using a combination of a small percentage of recycled plastics and predominantly upcycled eggshells.


These elegant panels will elevate your projects with their unique story and the visual aesthetics of a white-cream color and natural texture derived from eggshells.


Whether your space embodies contemporary chic or classic elegance, Ottan Materials seamlessly adapt, enhancing the beauty of any setting with their natural allure.




- Furniture

- Bathroom & Kitchen Surfaces (wall, cupboard, etc.) 

- Separator / Divider

- Interior Wall Cladding / Decorative Panels


Size Options(mm):


- 600x600x5 - available online

- 600x600x12 

- 800x1000x5 

- 800x1000x12 

- 620x3000x20*


* Worktop-specific material featuring a specialized protective layer

Please contact us for details on specific quantities and sizes.


Finish: Mat


Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Panels (1 Pack)


You can buy fewer with an additional fee for special packaging and shipping. If so, please e-mail us. 


By ordering EGGY Panel (1 Pack) you will receive: 

5 pcs 600x600x5mm Eggy Panel

EGGY Panel (1 Pack)

  • Delivery can occur within 3 weeks, depending on the order and destination. 
    Prices exclude the transportation costs.
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