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Let's use waste!

We invite you to protect and celebrate nature by using products made out of food and green waste.

Join our cause on 5 June World Environment Day: Time For Nature.  #usewaste #fornature


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We are Ottan Studio.

We develop, design and produce up-cycled, aesthetic, high-quality materials and products from food and green waste by using sustainable methods.

We see the beauty of natural things we call waste and we are inspired by nature’s own life cycle. From seed to tree, from tree to life… Our aim is to show that we can create anything from nature without consuming it. 

So here we are, designing and producing colorful, pleasant and sustainable furniture, objects, lighting, and decorative/structural panels without cutting a single tree.

Life is circular and we can build

a sustainable world by changing

our preferences.

Although wood is considered sustainable, we need more sustainable consumption and production models to let it sustain.


As OTTAN Studio, we aim to create environmental and economic impact by making sustainable products from the natural things we see as waste instead of using wood or other raw materials.

Every minute, 40 football fields of forest land are being destroyed and experts assume that if we don’t change our consumption habits all the forests in the world can be wiped out in 100 years. 

1.3 billion tonnes of food which comes up to one-third of the produced amount for human consumption is lost or wasted globally per year. 800 million tons of garden waste are generated in the cities annually. So, rather than damaging and destroying our one and only nature, why not up-cycling our natural resources?

No need to chop trees!

We use fruit peels and leaves.

Harvesting leaves and fruits do not kill but strengthen a tree, cutting does.

The average time to harvest a tree is 30 years, while it only takes one year for leaves.

We collect food waste such as fruit peels, expired grains and vegetable residues and green waste as tree leaves or grass from local retailer companies, producers, municipalities and greenhouses.


After we gather all kinds of natural wastes, we prepare those wastes by cleaning, drying and grinding to create our natural raw materials and mix them with green resins and inject into the moulds to create our minimal yet multi-purpose products.


We create positive impact on the environment and the economy.

Although we build  our mission on the "Climate Action", one of the Sustainable Development Goals prepared in cooperation with the United Nations and UNDP, we also contribute to the goals of 9, 12 and 15 with  our impact model.

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-09.png

We lay the foundations of an innovative infrastructure where local wastes are transformed into industrial products with a circular economy model.

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12.png
SDG 12

We do zero-waste production while minimizing consumption by up-cycling food & green waste.

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13.png
SDG 13

We take action to fighr climate change and its impacts by encouraging the use of food and green waste rather than chopping trees. We also plant a tree on every purchase of our products.

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-15.png
SDG 15

We create sustainable leaf harvesting forests for the future by planting a tree for every product we produce while taking action against deforestation.


Join the movement

and stay updated.

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