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About Us

Ayse Yılmaz, the founder of Ottan Studio, saw the marvellous potential of biological waste as a raw material while sitting under a tree in an urban park, watching colourful autumn leaves on the ground. Starting out with the leaves, the idea developed fast, and she included a wide range of other materials such as fruit peels, plant based expired goods and grass in her production plans. Extensive R&D enabled the Ottan team to come up with an innovative process, in which they managed to turn organic waste into high- quality, commercially viable products. Soon, Ottan Studio was on its path to create a circular production model that had the potential of widespread application in architecture and product design.

Our main objective is to protect natural resources from being depleted and to raise awareness about the importance of up-cycling organic wastes in the circular economy, while we believe that it is necessary to change the way we produce. 

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The Journey

Our journey has started with a question: “Which materials can be used that more sustainable than wood and stone derivatives in product design?” and while trying to find an answer, we saw an incredible potential in leaves, grass, and food waste that cannot be consumed. 


Years of work on R&D, together with technology and unique designs, OTTAN products started to bloom in our little atelier. Being inspired and fascinated by nature, we do not want to consume while believing that we live to produce. 


We are willing to share the environmental awareness that our journey taught us and also our products created with passion.



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